PWR Roomies—Andi Gregory and Sydney Fordyce

by Kristi Schweitzer

You’re unlikely to find another wacky roommate duo quite like sophomores Sydney Fordyce and Andrea (Andi) Gregory. “Our weird is probably one of the highest levels when we’re together,” said Andi.

Sydney and Andi got to know each other freshman year through professional writing events like the freshman scavenger hunt and annual bonfire. They both love the Professional Writing major. “I like that you can talk to people about your ideas,” said Andi. “You can bounce your idea off of them and they will give you ideas.”

Andi first became interested in the major when taking one of the writing classes at CRAM. Sydney fell in love with the program during a 24@Taylor visit. Andi came in as professional writing and Sydney as undecided, though she quickly chose the major as well.

As pro-writing roommates, they like to help each other with homework and miscellaneous writing projects.

“We proofread each other’s papers,” said Andi. “I’m the comma master and she fixes my spelling.”

“We also talk story,” said Sydney. “I think the main [benefit as pro-writing roommates] is that we can talk about characters, whether it’s our own or someone else’s, or a plot, or just anything writing.”

Andi writes fantasy, while Sydney writes science fiction. They are working on their own novels and also help each other.

“Freshman year, Sidney ripped apart my story, killed my character, and sewed my story back together, and it’s a lot better than it was,” said Andi.

They also enjoy reading books and discussing them, though besides the Harry Potter series, their tastes vary. Andi likes books from the authors, Richelle Mead, and Kelley Armstrong. Sydney’s favorite books are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Hamlet, and Buried in a Book by Lucy Arlington. She also likes mystery novels from the author, Ally Carter.

“We’re actually pretty opposite,” said Sydney. “But we’re both introverts, and we’re both pro-writing majors.”

From late nights on YouTube to hours spent writing and studying to slaphappy spells, these two make their roommate experience exciting.

“We watch cartoons and we have a list of movies to watch together,” said Andi.

“We read books out loud, and when books are boring we read them in a western accent,” said Sydney.

“We have lots of quotes [on our wall that] we write down . . . of each other,” added Andi.

“We have pets that we name after cartoons and stories we’ve read, like ‘Bartle Bee,’” said Sydney.

Each day of their week revolves around a different theme: Spy Sunday, Bubble Wrap Monday, Chinese Love Triangle Tuesday, Ranting Wednesday, Palaver Thursday, Giant Scissor Friday, and Ham Saturday.

“[Sunday] we dress up as spies and spy on people,” said Sydney. “Monday sucks, so we pop bubble wrap…[Tuesday we watch] videos from [Andi’s Chinese] class. Wednesday . . . we just rant the crap out of everything. [Thursday] we always go to and find the word of the day and use it as many times as we possibly can…[Friday] we take giant scissors and we have a ceremony where we cut off the head of [a picture of] some character that is really, really, really, annoying us. . . . We’ll keep Saturday to ourselves.”

Sydney refers to Andi as her manager. “She kind of keeps my head screwed on straight,” Sydney said.

“I like to think I’m not quite as eccentric as her because sometimes she is off-the-wall interesting,” said Andi. “I like to sit back and watch.”

“I’m the entertainer and she’s the entertained,” laughed Sydney.

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