Playful Writing: An Interview with Lexie Owen

by Andi Gregory

Class of 2015 Professional Writing major Lexie Owen has a theater minor as well. Here’s her experience with how the two intertwine.

Q: How do you balance writing, schoolwork, theatre opportunities, and free time?

A: Not well. Both writing and theatre are also my hobbies. I get my biggest thrill and joy out of them, so last spring I had a huge problem with scheduling because I wanted to take every opportunity that was thrown at me. Both have all sorts of outside work to do, stuff that’s going to eat up my time, so I have to monitor that. I usually try to work on only one or two writing projects at a time and only one theatre project at a time; all of those together are usually how I try to balance it out. So now I do have free time to spend with people. I think opportunities are very important, but I only take as many as allow me to do my best work possible.

Q: Outside of major/minor and school, what are some of your hobbies?

A: I’m a really social person, so anything having to do with people or story. I love going to movies with friends, seeing how they react to things, and just having a good time. I also crochet, and I’m taking voice lessons right now since I like to sing.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show or movie?

A: My favorite movie in the world is Disney’s Tangled. I think my favorite TV show was the first season of Once Upon a Time. I really like twists on the fairy tales.

Q: Do you have a favorite playwright or certain types of plays you prefer?

A: I love plays that leave me hanging and wrestling with myself. Stories that speak to the audience really impress me. And those that make me think, consider, and stand back and examine my life for a moment. Those are the ones I really love.

Q: How does being part of the theatre program affect your writing?

A: In theatre, we learn a ton about character, especially in body movement and different mannerisms. We also explore the psychology of characters when we analyze them and how each character is important to the story. That also really helps with writing, and we’re encouraged to think about it.

Q: Do you have any stories about the two meshing together?

A: I remember in Commercial Fiction we received a handout saying what writers can learn from actors. It was exactly what we were learning about at that point in the play with our characters. The questions were the exact same ones. It helps me be my characters rather than just writing about them. So that was a really cool moment.

Q: Are you planning to follow the theatre aspect, or are you more focused on the writing aspect?

A: Right now, I’m not sure. Last semester I took the Playwriting Seminar and it was really eye-opening. I discovered I really love the art form, so I want to sort of mesh the two together. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist; I think that’s what every professional writing major dreams of. Also, I think I would like to appear on stage at some point. It’s not really lined out for me yet, but I’ve got a year to discover it. It’s just pursuing the two loves that God’s put in my heart, and he’ll do the rest, I think.

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