Summer Hiatus

The PWR blog will be taking a summer hiatus. This blog is completely run by students in the professional writing department at Taylor, and soon it will be summer break for all of us. Yay summer!

The current blog manager and editor, Megan Burkhart (’19), will be studying abroad in the fall and then graduating! Ellie Tiemens (’22) will be the new blog manager and editor starting in the fall.

What can you expect from this transition? More great content about the writing and publishing world. The professional writing students want to share what we’ve learned with all of you because we know how hard it is to break into this industry.

I (Megan) want to introduce you to Ellie and help you get to know her a little better, so here’s a Q&A interview I did with her:

DSC_0986 (2) (1)

Q: When did you first know you wanted to write?

A: In third grade, my school had a writing contest called Young Authors. I wrote a story about a squirrel journalist, and it was chosen as the winning story from my class. I had such a fun time writing it and knew then that writing was something I was not only good at, but also something I could do for a long time.

Q: What do you like to read and what are your favorite genres to write?

A: My main reading genre is Young Adult. I enjoy a good YA contemporary, mystery, or fantasy. Lately, I have been reading some of the “classic” novels in literature and have been loving those as well. Honestly, I really enjoy writing non-fiction or essay/memoir type stuff. I’ve always found historical fiction appealing as well and hope to pursue that.

Q: Cat or dog girl?

A: 100% cats.

Q: Hogwarts house?

A: Ravenclaw!

Q: Best writing advice you’ve ever received?

A: Maybe also the best life advice I’ve ever received–don’t take it too seriously. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to enjoy what you are doing and that it is a privilege to be part of a major that allows you to develop your skills but also allows you to love what you do.

Q: Fun fact about yourself?

A: My go-to fun fact is that I have four sisters.

Q: What are some topics you’d like to explore when you take over the blog?

A: I think it would be really cool to explore the individual experiences of writers. I’d love to get to interview a few of the majors and talk about specific projects they have worked on, or how they discovered their love for writing. I would also like to look at the non-fiction side of writing a bit more.

There you have it! I hope you all have a great summer and get lots of writing done. See you here with more content in the fall!

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