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PWRs love writing! But not just the professional side—we’re big into creative work, too. We’ve collected some of our work here for your enjoyment.

Showcase: In Lytle’s World

by Jeff Grogan   In his first dream as a boy of eight years, Lytle flew. It began as the summer breeze tickled his cheek. His dozing mind bloomed the sensation into the cool, misty tickle of falling into a puffy cloud. If his mother had walked into the closet-sized bedroom at that moment, she […]
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Showcase: To Catch a Prince

by Lexie V. Owen Introduction We’ve all heard the classical tales of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Everyone knows about Snow White, Cinderella, and Repunzel. To Catch A Prince is a farcical fairy tale about the only princess you’ve never heard of: Princess Gianna, the plainest in all the land. […]
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Showcase: “The Hell-Hunter and the Librarian”

by Luke Wildman   First off, something about me: my name is Luke Wildman.  I was raised in various West African countries (and also in various facets of my imagination), and I’m a sophmore professional writing major at Taylor University.  I’m also the moderator for the Showcase section of this blog.  What’s the Showcase?  It’s […]
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One Writer’s Insanity

Katelyn S. Irons is a class of 2015 PWR major. Click clack click clack. My fingers quickly press the tops of the keys, just heavily enough to make a sound and not a letter. No letters are on the screen at all, actually. I stop when the gentleman passes by my table. Do you ever […]
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One-Gun Salute

Drew Neuenschwander is a 2013 graduate of the PWR program. “One-Gun Salute” was published in the 2013 edition of Parnassus

Grampa Gus an’ the Baseball Game

Drew Neuenschwander is a 2013 graduate of the PWR program. “Grampa Gus an’ the Baseball Game was originally published in Parnassus, won 1st place in Barton Rees Pogue Poetry Contest—2010 for poetry category and 2013 for performing lit. category.

Twin Sisters Have Psychic Powers

Chelsea Molin is a 2014 graduate of the PWR program. “Twin Sisters Have Psychic Powers” was published in the 2014 edition of Parnassus.

No Hair, No Fair

Ashlee L. Amann is a class of 2015 PWR major from Castle Rock, Colorado.