Character Backstory: How Much is Too Much?

In the writing world, you get mixed answers about writing backstories. Some people advise you to write pages and pages of background on your character, from the moment he was born until the moment your story starts. Others will tell you to keep backstory minimal. How can you reconcile these two ends of the spectrum?

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Foolproof Proofreading

A draft sprinkled with poor grammar, inconsistencies, and misused words will not be taken seriously in any context. Still, as authors, it’s easy to look right past our writing’s errors. How can we sharpen our self-proofreading skills?

The Six Questions

How many more times must you slog your way through those 345 pages you just penned to perfection? Some say three. Ernest Hemingway says 39. Although this post may not provide a clear-cut answer, it does offer another approach.

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