Annual Fall Bonfires

Each fall, PWR gather for our annual bonfire at Professor Taylor’s house. Favorite activities include “Murder in the Dark,” a murder mystery game, as well as, enjoying snacks, playing board games, and playing Mafia.

Fall 2016









Fall 2017

A new house for Professor Taylor, but still a fun refuge for the PWR’s.



A Look Back at the Hensley Games

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This writers retreat, our own version of the Hunger Games but using the name of Professional Writing program director Dr. Dennis Hensley, offered challenges and feats of excellence. In our version, everyone was alive at the end of the day, and a great time was had by all!


PWR Retreat: Gearing up for the Hensley Games


Our first dept. retreat in recent history, this event featured Pee Wee PWR, a Poetry Slam Expo, guest lectures and a Quick Sketch (skit) activity.  Three beloved alumni joined us in the evening for the Hensley Games, a writing challenge/adventure event of epic proportions! Sponsored by the newly established PWR Student Life Committee.

PWR Scavenger Hunts


Teams grapple to complete an imaginative series of clues and writing challenges laid out around campus.

PWR dinners


Some nights you just need to gather around a table and argue about whether story structure is properly a thing or not (arguing not required).


Pee Wee PWR


An evening to set aside all portentousness and to share aloud some of the most awful works ever written … by our elementary-school selves.



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And if you think our departmental PWR culture is neat, just wait until you experience Taylor University’s Airband, Silent Night or Taylathon. Curious about the culture of the broader Taylor University campus? Click here.