Welcome to the Professional Writing Blog!

Do you love to write stories? Have you ever gotten weird looks for choosing to stay in and write instead of going out with friends? Do you wish you could find someone to edit your story and give you genuine feedback beyond, “it’s great”?

Well, you’ve come to the “write” place. This major is a tight-knit group of writers who challenge each other to grow in our writing abilities and techniques. But we also like to goof off and have fun.

Our major launched our very own YouTube channel called PWR Studios. This channel is where you’ll find out what pro-writes like to do in their free time. The videos are humorous and witty, but some are focused on aspects of writing and editing that are helpful for the real world.

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What Makes Us Different?

Taylor University’s Professional Writing major is different from any other college-level writing program in the country. Your professors are published writers themselves and many work in the publishing industry. They show you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed in the real world of publishing. They’ll introduce you to published writers, literary agents, and acquisitions editors who share their specialized knowledge with you.