Alumni Endorsements

Class of 2020 Alumni Endorsements

Tim Pietz, PWR graduate of the class of 2020.
Tim Pietz ’20

“The Professional Writing major was perfect for me. I learned how to funnel my passion for writing and creative ideas into practical and publishable prose. Now I have a full resume and a foot in the door of the publishing industry.”

Paige McNinch, PWR graduate of the class of 2020.
Paige McNinch ’20

“As I complete the Professional Writing program, I’m excited to see what comes next. As I look back on all that I’ve learned in only few short years, I realize how prepared I am to join the ‘real world,’ even if it is intimidating to venture out for the first time. I’m no longer ashamed of who I am and what I love, and I’ve gained a confidence that goes deeper than my fear.”

Cheri Stutzman, PWR graduate of the class of 2020.
Cheri Stutzman ’20

“Taylor University taught me that I’m here to shout God’s name and glory to the highest mountains. Here to be a voice to those who need someone to stand up for them. Here to listen when someone needs a listening ear. Professional Writing taught me I can do that through writing. Words hold meaning, they hold power, they can bring encouragement, discouragement. Words can change hearts. I have learned that I’m meant to use those words.”

Class of 2019 Alumni Endorsements

Gabby Carlson, PWR graduate of the class of 2019.
Gabby Carlson ’19

“Professor Taylor and the Professional Writing major have really prepared me for what the publishing world wants from me. I have been put in several situations in my four semesters that have challenged me and forced me to grow into a publishable writer and a thorough editor, and I can’t wait to see what the future throws my way.”

Chrysa Keenon, PWR graduate of the class of 2019.
Chrysa Keenon ’19

“I feel I have a good sense of how the ‘real world’ works outside of college because of the experienced professionals the program brings in to speak and converse with. The Professional Writing program doesn’t joke around. When you come here, you come here to work and become a published writer.”

Class of 2017 Alumni Endorsements

Jeff Grogan, PWR graduate of the class of 2017.
Jeff Grogan ’17

“The Professional Writing program gave me practical skills, contacts, and experience all while taking classes that counted toward my degree. I thrived living in Taylor’s community, diving into relationships with friends who challenged my spiritual and personal habits and molded me into a well-rounded person. There are so many experiences I would never have been able to have anywhere else, and the memories I take from these four years are ones I will cherish for a lifetime”.

Brian Branscum, PWR graduate of the class of 2017.
Brian Branscum ’17

“Three main things I learned in my Professional Writing major at Taylor: (1) Words matter. What you say will have an impact on people. Use the same wisdom you would use when driving a car as you would with what you put out there in publishing. (2) Get to know people. Every contact helps. The more people you know, the more people you get to meet through them, and the more opportunities you have for potential job opportunities. (3) Learn to take criticism. You only become a stronger writer when you work through your faults. Sometimes, we need others to point those faults out.”

Taylor Puitz, PWR graduate of the class of 2017.
Taylor Puitz ’17

“My daughter Taylor’s confidence in her writing and editing abilities grew along with her confidence in speaking with people and expressing herself. Taylor accepted the compliments along with the constructive criticism she was given on her work and used it to her advantage. Taylor University is a place where your child will not get lost in the crowd.” –Tina Puitz, parent of Taylor Puitz ‘17

Pre-Class of 2017 Alumni Endorsements

Katie Long, PWR graduate of the class of 2014.
Katie Long ’14

“I knew my Professional Writing major was the right choice right away because it didn’t just focus on one type of writing. I learned the academic style of writing, journalism, online writing, fiction and nonfiction, children’s writing, devotional writing, writing for business and much more. I am extremely grateful for my education at Taylor and for the professors that invested in my dream to work in a publishing house.”

Amy Green, PWR graduate of the class of 2013.
Amy Green ’13

“Because of the variety of classes I’d taken in the Professional Writing major—everything from Web Writing to Layout and Design—I had the skills I needed to apply for the fiction publicist position at Bethany House. Professor Taylor, and the guest lecturers she invited to teach (representing many different roles and genres) made sure we were familiar with the publishing process from idea to manuscript to proposal to editing to marketing. I use that knowledge every day, whether it’s writing our fiction blog, working with authors to brainstorm marketing ideas, or creating press releases.”

Rebekah Tussing, PWR graduate of the class of 2011.
Rebekah Tussing ’11

“The professors at Taylor are not just experts in their field who are willing to pass on their knowledge and help you build your experience. They are also personally invested in every single one of their students. I received an excellent education, but I also formed lasting relationships with people in the program. It gave me the best kind of foundation I could ask for in life.”