How to Survive Rejection Slips

by G. Connor Salter Getting rejection slips is always difficult. It doesn’t even seem to matter how big your project is, even getting a 500-word article rejected can hurt. However, all writers deal with rejection sometime in their careers – some would argue it’s a kind of initiation. Here are three reminders to help you survive […]
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Finding Life’s Connections

by Kristin Schwartz If Taylor University taught me nothing else, it’s that life is all about connections. I mostly escaped that reality in high school—classes are so distinctly separate that it’s hard to even recognize relationships between calculous and the physics class down the hall. At Taylor, however, I saw the light. And it’s this realization […]
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Write-to-Publish Conference 2016

We might be a little late getting this one up on the blog, but we were going through our files and remembered the amazing time we had with students during last year’s Write-to-Publish Conference. And since we are a little late getting this up, we will brag about this summer’s Write-to-Publish Conference and remind you […]
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Our Trip to Maranatha

We’re always up for a trip to Lake Michigan! Several PWR students got just that when we attended the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference in September 2016 in Muskegon, Michigan. With dozens of workshops, keynote speakers (including our own Doc Hensley and best-selling author Don Piper), the opportunities to have one-on-one appointments with editors and agents, […]
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The Echo That Lasts

by Alex Mellen Nothing prepares you for working for a newspaper like . . . well, working for a newspaper. I learned that when I started my first full-time job out of college at the Ashland Times-Gazette as a copy editor. My semesters with the weekly Taylor University Echo were the most valuable training for the future, […]
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The Art of Writing: Satisfaction in the Blogosphere

By: Rebecca A. Schriner, Graduate December 2016 I’ll admit it: I was nervous when the big assignment for my Author Platform class was creating a blog. While I’d been in the PWR major for three years, my specialty had always been editing. Not writing. I’d tried a writing blog once. Little stories that came to […]
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PWR Retreats for 2016

by Brian Branscum Every year, the Professional Writing Major hosts a themed event where students get a demonstration of what it is like to go to conferences and enjoy a great opportunity to fellowship with one another. These events allow students to hear from great speakers such as upperclassmen, enjoy good food, and play games […]
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An Update on Mackenzie

“Stories are my passion; they are the lens through which I see the rest of the world.” It was this kind of passion that led Mackenzie Jagar to Taylor University. Thinking back to her first time at Taylor, Mackenzie says, “I felt immediately at home.” Mackenzie graduated in 2016 from the Professional Writing program with a […]
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Hensley Publishes Tenth Writing Textbook

Taylor University professor Dennis E. Hensley’s latest book, Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects (Bold Vision Books), is his tenth writing textbook. Dr. Hensley joined the Taylor faculty in 1997 as a member of the English department at the Fort Wayne campus. In 2009 he came to the Upland campus to become chair of […]
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Meet a Freshman: The Magnificent Mr. Tim

by Ian Proano Those called Tim are from a very rare kind of human that bedazzle the rest of our lives wherever they go. Tim Pietz is no exception. He is easily recognized usually wearing a vibrant shirt, and has short curly hair and glasses. Coming in to take the C.R.A.M. Freelance Writing class, he […]
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