The Six Questions

How many more times must you slog your way through those 345 pages you just penned to perfection? Some say three. Ernest Hemingway says 39. Although this post may not provide a clear-cut answer, it does offer another approach.

Four Reasons to Write with Vulnerability

As writers, sitting at a computer and typing a story feels as second-nature as breathing. But what about spilling our darkest demons on the page? Writing with vulnerability can be difficult, but in my experience, it’s always worth it. Here are four reasons you should get vulnerable with your words.

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Pros of Pantsers

Pantsers are the type of writers who thrust themselves behind a screen and begin typing—without an outline! But if famous authors such as Stephen King and George R.R. Martin deem themselves to be pantsers, some pros must exist for this daring group.

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