Twin Sisters Have Psychic Powers

Chelsea Molin is a 2014 graduate of the PWR program. “Twin Sisters Have Psychic Powers” was published in the 2014 edition of Parnassus.

For heaven’s sake, Mr. Editor,

We aren’t even twins!

Just because we have the same hair

(“Fountains of dark, curling copper”


More like a frizzy rust brown)

Just because we’re close in age

(I’m older)

And height

(She’s taller)

That doesn’t mean we share a birthday,

Or even DNA.


Even if we do,

How does that make us that?



Purveyors of hidden knowledge?

Well, I hope you’re satisfied.

You know you can’t prove a thing,

Can’t have a saint’s reputation

When you print lies like that.

Yes, lies!

Bizarre, unfounded,

Things you picked up off the street like

Discarded candy wrappers,

Things that lie in the street for a reason.


I don’t know how you people stay in print.


Some friendly advice:

Don’t drink that coffee,

And when your phone rings

In five minutes,

Don’t answer.

You’ll be much happier,

Trust us.

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