Meet a Freshman: The Magnificent Mr. Tim

by Ian Proano

Those called Tim are from a very rare kind of human that bedazzle the rest of our lives wherever they go. Tim Pietz is no exception. He is easily recognized usually wearing a vibrant shirt, and has short curly hair and glasses. Coming in to take the C.R.A.M. Freelance Writing class, he soon found himself in a safe cove for writers, which is exactly what he had been longing for.

In middle school he found he excelled at putting words together; and more importantly, he thoroughly enjoyed it. His favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction; some of his favorite books including those from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings saga. He was homeschooled since kindergarten and is a PK. Being a pastor’s kid, Tim says he’s thought about many theological issues and hopes to include those truths in what he writes. His goal is to make what he writes substantive. But deep truths aren’t all he has; Tim is also very lighthearted and constantly finds and shares humor in his everyday conversations and his pieces. It’s fitting that he has a communication minor as well as being in the PWR department.

Tim wants to be heavily involved in writing and publishing after graduation. He plans to work for a publishing house while writing novels on the side. He currently has a trilogy in mind that he wants to create.The trilogy occurs in a medieval fantasy setting in which a society of alchemists and assassins are seeking to recreate an ancient empire. Tim notes, “There are no space whales in my intended trilogy. (I’m sure this point answers any remaining questions.)”

One last thing that shows the subtle awesomeness of Tim is that mint chocolate chip happens to be his favorite kind of ice cream, which is good since it is objectively the best flavor in frozen treat existence. Say hey to Tim the next time you see him in Nussbaum!

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