What it Means to Love a Writer

The clock strikes 10:30 pm. I sigh as I start to close my documents. Despite being on a creative streak, this ends my writing time. It’s now time to talk to my boyfriend.

Having a significant other can be a real drag as a writer. You get less writing time, for one thing, and for another you have to regularly explain what you’re writing to another human because they’re interested. Talk about stressful. However, when the relationship is true, the pros outweigh the cons every time. Loving a writer is no easy task, but here are some tips to look out for to know your Significant Other (S.O.) is a keeper.

1. Are they a nerd?

Let’s face it. We writers are nerds. We know a lot of random facts about guns, swords, murder, magic, chinchillas, and much more. Can you have a conversation with your S.O. about any of these subjects and not get a weird look in return? If the answer is yes, than you’re good to go.

2. Do they support your dream?

Is your S.O. 100% on board with the idea of being a stay at home parent while you’re off doing a book tour and signing on your multi-million dollar contract? If so, awesome! You’ve got a winner, folks. (And true, the possibility might be slim, but is the aura of support still there? It should be. Writing is a tough gig to master. Your S.O. should always support you and your crazy dreams, because there’s that tiny percent chance of them coming true.)

3. Do they take care of you?

Writing a book is mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing. Sometimes it’s difficult to expect a writer to take care of their human needs such as eat three meals a day or sleep a decent amount. Does your S.O. make sure you’ve got an arsenal of snacks at your writing desk? Do they hold you when you cry about your protagonist? Do they force you to drink water to stay hydrated? A little break from the keyboard can be needed to keep you healthy, even if it’s forced.

4. Do they love stories?

Is your S.O. a story lover? Or do they get bored when you talk about your epic fantasy sword fight scene for the 30th time as you rework dialogue? Do they offer you ideas when you ask or just sit there and nod like they’re waiting for you to stop talking? A S.O. you want to keep around is someone who will always be engaged and enthralled with your story.

5. Are they your number one fan?

Do they geek out about your book as much as you do? Do they tell you what a rockstar writer you are? Do they lift you up, even as your hundredth query got a rejection? Your S.O. should believe in you and your writing, even when you might not.

Ephesians 4: 2-3 says, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

If your S.O. has the patience and gentleness to handle you when you’re in the madness of crafting a story, your S.O. truly understands what it means to love a writer.


A soon-to-be graduate of Taylor, Chrysa holds a degree in Professional Writing with minors in Public Relations and Creative Writing. She has published over 300 newspaper articles, book reviews, poems, and short stories. Her most recent achievements include winning the first place 2018 OHCWC Blue Seal Award for the YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy category and successfully adopting a chunky kitten. She enjoys puns, sour patch kids, and flowers. Stalk her at chrysakeenon.com.


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