2019 Graduate Megan Alms Signs Contract for Children’s Picture Book

I’ve always experimented with different types of writing, but I wasn’t extremely interested in writing for children until I became a big sister right before leaving for college.

Adams and Alms

I wrote Creature from the Woods for my sister based on the things she loved to pretend as a toddler. It tells of all the ways a child reminds the narrator of a woodland creature, from the scampering of a squirrel’s feet to the wide, curious eyes of an owl.

During my time at Taylor, I took a class on writing children’s books taught by bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams. I interned with her the following summer, while several of my classmates interned with her literary agent. I signed with that agency soon after, and my agent started sending my book proposal to publishers. After about three months, Familius publishing house asked to talk with me on the phone, and I signed a contract with them. It has been about a two-year process to get from signing the contract to printing the book (release is set for 2021).

Megan Alms is a freelance writer and publishing professional. She works as a book proposal writer for Platinum Literary Services and head of marketing at Mountain Brook Ink. Over the last three years as a freelancer, Megan has published nearly 100 written works in national web and print publications. Megan is a contributor to the PWR blog and is a faculty member for Taylor university’s annual writing conference. You can visit her website at meganalms.com.

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