Writing During the Holidays

By Siyhani Jones

Writing during the holidays can be difficult. Who has time to write when you could be stuffing your face with pie or relaxing watching a Christmas movie? Some may feel uninspired, or that everything has been done before. But with these three tips to help, you won’t have the holiday writing blues anymore.

1. Make a Goal for Yourself

Making a goal for your writing can help with the slump you may find yourself in. At the beginning of the month, pick out a goal for yourself; whether that’s writing for a certain amount of time, writing to a word count a day, or something else entirely. Also pick a time to begin writing each day. Picking a time that you’re relatively free and being consistent helps to make the writing constant. Whatever your goal is, make it a priority and stick to it.

2. Get Cozy and Write

Sometimes writers don’t want to venture outside their home to either write or find material for their writing. But with the holidays and the warmth their home brings during that time, it’s hard to do anything but snuggle with a blanket and relax. Well, you can still celebrate the holiday feelings and write at the same time. Everyone feels the holiday spirit in different ways. Whether it’s curling into a warm blanket, having hot chocolate, or listening to Christmas music, pick what works for you. Just make sure that whatever you choose to get you in the mood, remember your writing goals and write!

3. Use Inspiration from Daily Activities

There are times when ideas seem to take a vacation for the holidays just as we do. We sit around and wait for inspiration to come, and yet we can’t find anything festive to write about. However, sometimes we can’t just sit around doing nothing waiting for inspiration to strike. There are endless amounts of activities to do. Baking treats, making snowmen, watching movies, going on a sleigh ride, looking at lights, are just some of the things you can do. You can write about your experience with an activity, share a recipe you learned that would be great for the season, or make a list of the best seasonal things to do in your area. Whatever piques your interest find it, and get to writing.

Writing during the holidays can be difficult for some, but with these tips, you may find the inspiration to write after all.

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