The Brag board

By Ellie Tiemens

In the communication department we talk a lot about branding yourself. Particularly for aspiring authors or freelance writers, getting your name out there to promote yourself and your work is essential.

But to many, this can feel a bit like bragging. There is definitely a fine line between being proud and bragging (which you can discuss in the comments below), but here in the professional writing program we like to celebrate achievements in any and every way. And, for alliteration’s sake, we call the spaces we do this in, The Brag Board.

If you’ve ever had the chance to walk down the hallway in the second floor of Nussbaum, you’ll be greeted by two long bulletin boards. Our literal boards to brag on.

Here, each current student who claims a professional writing major or minor is gifted with two thumbtacks that hold up every piece they publish during their time at Taylor.

Since 2012, professional writing students have written and published 1,200 book reviews, 300 devotionals, 600 newspaper and magazine articles, 9 books, and 80 blog posts, all during their 4 years here.

So, as you can imagine, this Brag Board has seen many, many published works. Whether they work as a writer for The Echo newspaper or feel inspired to write dozens of devotionals, every pro-write graduates with something to celebrate on the Brag Board.

After graduation, pro-write alumni gather with current students on the online Brag Board: a Facebook page dedicated to sharing your accomplishments. Here people can boast about their new book that got accepted for publication or the new job they got writing for a magazine.

Though a hallway full of pro-write bylines or an entire Facebook page dedicated to sharing publications may seem a little on the side of bragging, we consider it celebration of hard work and talent.

So next time you stop by Taylor, come visit our Brag Board and congratulate the students who work hard to make it so full of accomplishments. Maybe one day your work will even join them up there!

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