Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference

Writers’ conferences are an important part of our training in the Professional Writing major, which is why we hold them and attend them every year. Again this fall, several students attended the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference in Michigan. Thanks to Dr. Donna Arthur Downs who chaperoned this year. What a great opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired! (Oh, and celebrate Dr. Downs’ birthday!)

Here’s the group who attended in 2022:

L to R: Elizabeth Molitor, Elise Boutell, Dr. Donna Downs, Charis Negley, Lilia Snyder

We love attending this conference as it boasts amazing speakers, great workshops, good food, and a one-block walk to Lake Michigan beach (a great place to go to just unwind and relax during these bustling several days).

Here’s the crew who attended in 2021:

L to R: Elizabeth Molitor, Katie Pfotzer, Zach Brown, Kipp Miller, Ellie Tiemens, Grant Patterson

Every ProWrite student will get to attend a conference and learn what it takes to continue a life of writing after the joys of being in our program.

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