Finding Time to Read in a Busy Schedule

I get it. I’ve been there. As life is hectic around you, you suddenly realize that it has been three weeks since you’ve even touched a book to read for fun. And forget about finishing an entire book. You can feel your Goodreads reading challenge slipping away. Your creative juices that used to fuel your writing have long ago stopped flowing, unfed by fantasy worlds and life lived vicariously through characters in novels.

So, what do you do?

You can’t exactly start skipping classes or ignoring piles of homework in order to read more (adulting, am I right?).

Getting even less sleep than you already do seems like a bad idea.

You haven’t invented time travel yet. All seems hopeless.

But never fear! You came to the right place. You see, dear reader, I have been in that place. But I’ve also gotten out of that place. And here today, I am going to give you some tips to help you return to being a person who reads.

1. Download the Kindle app on your phone.

Or Bookshout or Overdrive or Wattpad. It’s simple enough and requires no commitment whatsoever. (Check out this link for the best e-book apps!)

Now whenever you have a few spare moments – like if you get to class early, get stopped by a really long train when driving to work, or are waiting for a meeting to start – whip out your phone and read a few pages.

2. Read before bed each night.

We’ve all heard the studies about how being exposed to blue light before you go to sleep isn’t good for you.

So instead of scrolling through Pinterest while you doze off, pull out that new Young Adult book you’ve been waiting to read or that classic you’ve been meaning to start and read for just a few minutes.

You’d be surprised at how many books you can read this way – though they will take longer to read – and the improvements to your sleep too!

3. Join a book club.

Chances are, your school or community already has a book club. If they don’t, start one. Weekly meeting times to discuss your favorite books will not only let you read books but will also help you meet more friends!

Most importantly, remember that reading should be fun. It shouldn’t become an extra chore or assignment you have to complete, so remember to pick books you enjoy and use your extra reading time as a way to relax, refresh, and get those creative juices re-flowing!

DSC_0986 (2) (1)

Ellie Tiemens is a professional writing major at Taylor University. She works as a staff writer for the student newspaper The Echo and writes book reviews for the Barnes and Noble Teen Blog. She also is a manuscript evaluator for Illuminate YA. Ellie loves reading (naturally), writing (hence the major), and cats (because cats).

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