National Dictionary Day

Happy National Dictionary Day writers!

As writers, readers, and editors we all have a general excitement and love of words. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

So, I thought that on this National Dictionary Day, I would write a short post highlighting some of my most favorite and infrequently used words.


Having many syllables (which is rather ironic because this word is very long).


The smell of rain on the earth.


Pleasing to hear. Musical.


Alphabetically arranged


Wild or frenzied

What are your favorite words? Comment below to celebrate National Dictionary Day!

Ellie Tiemens is a professional writing major at Taylor University. She uses her love for words as a staff writer for the student newspaper, The Echo, and as a manuscript evaluator for Illuminate YA. She works as a periodical student assistant in the Zondervan Library and as the secretary for the professional writing department. Ellie loves reading (naturally), writing (hence the major), and cats (because cats).

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