Parable of the Two Brothers by Matthew Holden

There were two brothers who grew up together. They ate together, played together, and lived together. Each one went to college and both became successful at their jobs. Now it was not long before the two brothers lost contact.

The first brother was a man of business. He went on to marry a young wife and have three darling young boys. He had a large house, ten different sports cars, everything he could have possibly wanted.The second brother was a teacher. He took up studies in an inner-city school, and began teaching there. He married a wife who walked out on him for a richer man leaving him with a son to take care of. 

Both men grew old. Eventually, both were miraculously put into the same retirement home. The first brother bragged all the time about his money, his cars, his house, his business. The second brother listened, but hardly spoke. He had grown old and ragged by time.

Now, Death came for the first brother as his time was up. As Death began carrying the first brother away, the man asked Death to let him see his funeral. A small crowd had gathered to mourn his death, but the three sons who the first brother called family had gathered before his body to debate where his business, his house, his cars, and all his money will go. Outraged, the first brother left this earth spitefully.

Then the second brother’s time came, and death came for him also. When Death carried him away, the second brother remained silent, so Death asked if he wished to see his funeral. The second brother thanked death for being considerate and replied that he very much wanted to see his funeral. As Death revealed the second brother’s funeral, tears sprung to his eyes.

Hundreds of students had gathered holding candles aloft. Some young, some old, some with children of their own. His only son stands not too far away surrounded by a loving family. His son doesn’t move, but gives his father one last thanks for everything he had done. So the second brother left this earth gratefully.

A writer, reader, and lover of good literature (and good coffee), Grant Patterson, who writes under the name Matthew Holden, grew up in a Christian family, but had a hard time with his own faith in Christ. He scoured for answers and found his faith, his passion, and his purpose all at once. During his freshman year of high school, he found Christ’s calling for him in his writing and decided to dedicate his life to God and to writing beautiful things that reflect His glory. A world-traveler and all-around geek, Grant loves sitting down with a good book and a boiling mug of coffee in the mornings. If you can’t find him writing or reading then you either just can’t find him or he’ll be playing board games with his friends. He hopes to one day become a full-time author who travels the world spreading the word and glory of God everywhere he goes.

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