2019 Retreats

Spring 2019

“Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!” 


The spring 2019 pro-write retreat was Phineas and Ferb themed, and we transformed the Red Barn into Danville for the day. Pro-writes dressed up as OWCA agents, fireside girls, nerds/bullies, and more! We competed to build the tallest “inators” and played an intense round of mafia using the characters from the show. We also wondered where Perry was throughout the day, but there’s photo evidence he did spend some time with us. 

Phinneas and Ferb Retreat (1)

Workshops were given on various topics including writing non-fiction, article writing, suspense writing, characters with powers, and monsters and how they critique normal people. Despite being on 104 days of summer vacation, we did learn a thing or two from our peers.

There was a complete the story game, where the winners got to read their stories to the group. And of course, we had a panel of alumni join us and give us some honest advice about life and writing in the real world. We even got to have the panel outside because the weather was so nice! We’re excited to see what the fall brings for the PWR major. 

Phinneas and Ferb Retreat (2)


Fall 2019

“What’s the point of being clever if you can’t prove it?

This Fall, the Professional Writing Planning Committee put together a Sherlock themed retreat! Beside a wonderfully decorated room (full-fledged murder/conspiracy board included) and murder-themed snacks, students enjoyed a story writing competition, student led workshops on how to write murder better, and of course a game of Sherlock-themed mafia. Later, the game was afoot as one of our students was “murdered” and teams had to work together to search around the building for hidden clues, with the help of Sherlock of course.

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