The Do’s of Quarantine

By L.P Metzger

I made it back to school fine, and after a week, I was sent home because I was in close-contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Which is fine. Totally fine.

Anyway, I’ve been sitting in my room for a week now, and I’ve come up with a couple lists, one of things you should and shouldn’t do during quarantine, but for right now, I’m going to start with things you should do.

Make sure you get some physical activity in.

This is something I have to continue to remind myself to do. Physical activity has been known to help get rid of stress. I normally walk around my house for 30 minutes just so I’m not stuck in my room all day.

Make an effort to reach out to people.

There’s nothing wrong with talking to other people about being isolated. It’s lonely and gets old very quickly. I mean, I was already feeling it before my parents got to campus to take me home. We were created to be social with one another, even the introverts. So be social. It’s better than feeling lonely all the time.

Try to work ahead in your classes.

Your calendar opens up significantly when you can’t do anything outside your house. Which means you can get a bunch of homework done before you get back to school and get ahead! (I know, I don’t wanna do this either, but it beats wandering around looking for something to do.)

Do something for you.

Read that book you’ve wanted to read. Start watching that show you’ve wanted to watch. You have time to spare. Plus, it could be great research for your writing!


Now, this may not be the most productive time for you. I haven’t felt very productive, either. And I’m not saying you should finish that novel you’ve been working on for the last five years. Write little short stories. Explore that idea you’ve been chewing on for a while. You have time.

I hope you enjoyed this list! A lot of the things on here have helped me say somewhat sane and busy. Plus, there’s nothing wrong doing these things outside of quarantine, either. Especially the talking to people tip. Having a good conversation with a friend can brighten your day. Over this last week I’ve had many, and each one has been helpful.

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