The Don’ts of Quarantine

By L.P Metzger

I’m back at it again with another quarantine list. Last time, I talked about what you should do during quarantine to avoid going insane. Now, I’m going to cover five things you shouldn’t do in order to avoid going insane during quarantine.

Don’t spend all your money shopping online.

I only say this because I’m broke and really shouldn’t be looking at new things to buy on Amazon or Redbubble. There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy, but it can be a slippery slope. Ten dollars can turn into fifty really quick. I would know. That happened to me on three different orders this summer.

Don’t isolate socially.

I kinda talked about this in my last post. Not interacting with the community around you, even virtually, can negatively affect your mental health. I can say from first-hand experience that not reaching out and socializing with people took a toll on my mental health, which is not fun. So talk to people! It helps.

Don’t pour yourself into your work.

There’s nothing wrong doing work during quarantine. As a college student, you have work to do. What I mean by pouring yourself into your work is working to the point of burnout. Take breaks. Go for a walk around the house. Read a book outside for an hour or two. Call a friend and catch up with them. Your work isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t lock yourself in your house.

Obviously, you’re supposed to stay home and isolate. That doesn’t mean you should spend all 14 days inside. It will negatively affect you. I spent my entire first week of quarantine inside, and I felt awful. Then I went outside for two hours, and I didn’t feel bad anymore. Moral of the story: Go outside.

Don’t ignore your mental health.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to vent. Chances are, you know someone who’s willing to let you talk about your feelings. And even if you’re like me and feel horrible for talking about your issues, it does help. Bottling up your feelings is not a good idea. Again, I’m speaking from experience.

Moral of the story: don’t be like me. I did all five of the things on this list, and only part of me wishes I hadn’t. There is a part that’s grateful I did, just because I learned more about myself, even if I did it the hard way. And that’s okay. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! I hope you either learned something new or found another way to help keep your cool during this weird age of COVID-19. Until next time!

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