15 things to write about when you’re all out of ideas

By Ellie Tiemens

Listen, I get it.

It’s been a long week, month, year. You’ve got nothing left in you. All your creative juices have slowly leaked out of your body leaving nothing left.

Unfortunately, as a student of the craft (writing, that is), you can’t not write.

So, to get you jump started a bit, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things you can start writing about now.

Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Write a how-to post about something you’re really good at. This could range from “how to self-edit” to “how to eat a whole pizza by yourself.” the options are endless.
  2. Make a list of things you can do while reading. (Like eating + reading or working out + reading). Get as creative as possible.
  3. Review your favorite products that relate to the topic of your blog. For example, this blog would probably review our favorite red pens or comfy clothes to write in.
  4. Interview someone who is currently working in the field that you blog about. Try to get some good tips for how to be successful in that industry!
  5. Put together a list of FAQ’s about your blog and the subject of your blog.

Fiction Ideas:

  1. Tell the story of the last dream you had, but make everything opposite of what actually happened in the dream (if you got chased by a dog, write about you chasing a dog; if you showed up to class in your underwear, write about showing up to class wearing way too many clothes).
  2. Invent the craziest possible app you can think of. Then write about what would happen if a villain got ahold of it.
  3. Pick out a painting you really love. Or a weird one that’s been hanging in your house for years but you don’t know where it came from… Write the backstory of the subjects of the painting.
  4. Write about a piece of jewelry that possesses a magical ability.
  5. Imagine your town is run by a secret mob. Then you find out your parents are part of that mob.

Memoir/Non-fiction ideas:

  1. Write about where you thought you’d be today when five years ago someone asked, “Where will you be in five years?” How is that different from where you’re actually at?
  2. Dig into the past. Research who your ancestors were and where they came from. Write about their lives and story.
  3. Spend a while thinking about your earliest memory. Who was there? Where did it take place? Write down everything you can remember.
  4. Write an advice column for a version of your younger self. What would you have done differently at that point in your life?
  5. Dream about where you will be in 10 years. Set some goals for current self so you can achieve those dreams!

Ellie Tiemens is a professional writing major at Taylor University. She uses her love for words as a news editor for the student newspaper, The Echo, and as a manuscript evaluator for Illuminate YA Fiction. She also works as the secretary for the professional writing department. Ellie loves reading (naturally), writing (hence the major), and cats (because cats).

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