The PWR Fall Retreat

By Lindsey Metzger

The Fall Professional Writing Retreat was unforgettable, to say the least. 

The theme: Avatar: The Last Airbender, a classic and favored fandom among the PWR majors. We had around fifteen people show up throughout the day for food, fun, and a mystery activity.

Some of the presentations included character dynamics, redemption arcs, armor, and writing diverse characters. The infamous PWR writing game was also played. For those who are not familiar, players are given four sentences, one at a time. Once a sentence is given, they have five minutes before they’re given the next one. Pro-tip: the crazier the better. 

The winners are as follows:

1st place: Emily Pawlowski

2nd place: Kipp Miller

3rd place (tie): Zach Brown and Lindsey Metzger

Then, after all four presentations, food, and Avatar-themed mafia (thank you Mandi), the final activity was revealed. The players split into teams based on their element (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire) and set out to become the Avatar.

Okay, but for real, they went to the four different sections of Nussbaum and had to find five scraps of a scroll. Each scroll covered a different routine based on the element their sector represented. Once they mastered the routine, they were given part of a riddle. All four parts then led them to their final task: create the best interpretive dance to the Avatar monologue.

Seriously, it was hysterical to watch everyone get into it. The planning committee did a great job pulling everything together, especially the meme wall, which still hangs proudly in 205. Thank you to everyone who showed up and participated, and we’ll see you in the spring!

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