Book Review: Firsts in Fiction

Writing With Excellence
By Aaron D. Gansky
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 9781938499357, PB, 38 pages, $9.95

by Alexis Colón

Any writer wanting to make a strong first impression would greatly benefit from reading this short, but content-heavy book by Aaron D. Gansky, son of award-winning novelist Alton Gansky. Though succinct, this intense handbook holds all the tips and secrets you need to write an engaging opening line. Using clever anecdotes and classic examples, this book explores the power of including conflict, character, setting, voice, or any combination of these factors in the small span of a first sentence. Written in a casual style, the introduction and nine short chapters of this book provides information quickly and humorously, making it not only informative but also entertaining.

Gansky holds an MFA in fiction from Antioch University of Los Angeles, and is a teacher, the editor of The Citron Review, and a novelist. His novels include The Bargain and a young adult series “Hand of Adonai.” He is also the author of Write to be Heard and Write Like you Talk – Help With Voice, Character, Dialogue, and More! Gansky is also very connected to his readers, inviting them to contact him personally with questions and comments through his blog, Forging Fiction.

Whether you are a beginning writer or an expert of the craft, Firsts in Fiction provides a refreshing look at every writer’s common struggle. By implementing the techniques found in this book, you will have the confidence and competence to craft an opening line that will grab and hold the attention of your readers.

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